By On kander & karaffler

Populær i By On kander & karaffler

  • Pisa Kande, Gul

    Pisa Kande, Gul
    Ceramics jug in a cool different shape from By On.
  • Verona Kande, Gul

    Verona Kande, Gul
    Beautiful and peculiar designed jug from By On.
  • Asparagus Kande 13x17cm, Hvid

    Asparagus Kande 13x17cm, Hvid
    Jug, available in two sizes, in ceramics for beverages or flowers.
  • Clay Teapot 19x16 cm, Brown

    Clay Teapot 19x16 cm, Brown
    Clay teapot from By On is made of stoneware that creates a raw and handmade feel.

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