Iittala kander & karaffler

Populær i Iittala kander & karaffler

Flere tips om Iittala kander & karaffler

  • Teema Kande, Hvid 20 cl

    Teema Kande, Hvid 20 cl
    Stylish jug designed by Kaj Franck.
  • Essence Karaffel Mosgrøn, 100cl

    Essence Karaffel Mosgrøn, 100cl
    Carafe with modern and minimalist design from Iittala.
  • Ultima Thule Karaffel 50cl

    Ultima Thule Karaffel 50cl
    This elegant carafe is part of a commemorative series from Iittala to celebrate Tapio Wirkkala's birth for 100 years ago.
  • Ultima Thule 2-Pak Glas 20cl + Karaffel 50cl

    Ultima Thule 2-Pak Glas 20cl + Karaffel 50cl
    A carafe and two accompanying glasses from the Ultima Thule series by Iittala.
  • Ultima Thule Iskande

    Ultima Thule Iskande
    Unique and beautiful ice jug from Iittala.
  • Kartio Kande Klar

    Kartio Kande Klar
    The beautiful jug Kartio is a very popular glass series designed by Kaj Franck for Iittala.
  • Aino Aalto Kande

    Aino Aalto Kande
    A beautiful pitcher from the series Aalto from Iittala.